Teaching (MATH310)

Spring 2021 MATH 310 Section 0401

The letter grades have been entered into UMEG.

Sections included in the final exam: 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 4.1-4.7, 7.1-7.4


Ruiwen Shu, Email: rshu@cscamm.umd.edu.

        Office hours: 2:00pm-3:00pm TuTh (on Zoom), and by appointment.

              Office hour link: https://umd.zoom.us/j/5108150194

LECTURE (all sections):

TuTh 3:30pm-4:45pm, use Zoom through ELMS

SYLLABUS: (updated on February 10, 2021)

A transition to advanced mathematics, 8th Edition, by Douglas Smith, Maurice Eigen and Richard St. Andre.

LECTURE NOTES: (filename: date_section)

Homework 1 (due Friday, Feb. 5): (when asked T/F for a proposition, try to explain a little about how you get the answer. You are not required to be completely rigorous at this stage)

sec1.1: 3(b)(f)(j), 14(a)(b); sec1.2: 5(b)(f); sec1.3: 6(b)(c), 8(a)(c)(k), 10(b)

Homework 2 (due Friday, Feb. 12): (now you are required to be rigorous when writing proofs. Missing some sentences like ‘assume x is an integer’ or ‘therefore ~Q implies ~P’ is ok, but the essential logical steps have to be clear. Also, you are allowed to use an easy statement directly (like ‘if x is even, so is x^2’) if the problem is much more complicated than that.)

sec1.4: 5(c)(g), 6(e), 9(a); sec1.5: 4(a), 7(a), 10

Homework 3 (due Friday, Feb. 19):

sec1.6: 1(b)(d), 4(b)(f), 6(f); sec2.1: 11(c); sec2.2: 2(d)(j), 9(e)

Homework 4 (due Monday, Mar. 1):

sec2.1: 14(d), 18(b); sec2.2: 14 (be careful!), 16(b)

Homework 5 (due Friday, Mar. 5):

sec2.4: 4(d)(g), 5(a)(n), 6(b)

Homework 6 (due Friday, Mar. 12):

sec2.5: 3; sec3.1: 1, 3(b)(d) (no need to prove), 5(d) (write proof), 6(d)(h) (express your answer as {(x,y): y=something in x}), 7(a)(c)

Homework 7 (due Friday, Mar. 26):

sec3.2: 1(f)(j)(n) (no need to prove), 6(a)(e), 10(c)(d); sec3.5: 4, 5, 16(a)

Homework 8 (due Friday, Apr. 2):

sec4.1: 1(d)(e)(f) (no need to prove), 4(b) (prove), 6(d), 11(c); sec4.2: 2(b)(j), 9(b), 18

Homework 9 (due Friday, Apr. 9):

sec4.3: 1(e)(h), 2(g)(l), 10(a), 11

Homework 10 (due Friday, Apr. 16):

sec4.4: 1(c)(d), 3(c); sec4.5: 2(b)(d) (no need to prove), 6(b)(e) (no need to prove); sec4.6: 5(b)(f)(j)

Homework 11 (due Friday, Apr. 23):

sec4.6: 8, 9(a) (prove by definition); sec4.7: 1(h)(j), 2(a)(b) (hint: use Theorem 4.7.3), 4(b)

Homework 12 (due Friday, Apr. 30):

sec7.1: 3(b)(d)(j) (no need to prove), 4(c), 8(a), 12(b); sec7.4: 2(a)(b)(c) (no need to prove), 6(d), 12

Homework 13 (due Friday, May 7):

sec2.3: 1(f)(h)(n) (no need to prove), 4(b) (write proof), 7(b), 12, 17

Homework 14 (due Friday, May 14):

sec7.2: 4(b)(d)(h) (no need to prove), 7(a)(c)(g) (no need to prove), 8(a), 15, 19(a)(b)



Previous teaching:

At University of Maryland, College Park, as instructor:

Fall 2020~2021  Math 246 (Introduction to ODEs)

Spring 2019~2020   AMSC 460 (numerical methods)

Fall 2019~2020   AMSC 460 (numerical methods), 2 sections

Spring 2018~2019   Math 136 (calculus for life sciences)

Fall 2018~2019   Math 141 (calculus 2)

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, as teaching assistant:

Fall 2017~2018   Math 234 (calculus 3)

Fall 2016~2017   Math 222 (calculus 2)

Fall 2015~2016   Math 234 (calculus 3)

Spring 2014~2015   Math 221 (calculus 1)

Fall 2014~2015   Math 221 (calculus 1)