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Final exam: final

Announcement: grading policy has been modified on April 20, see updated syllabus.

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Spring 2019~2020      AMSC/CMSC 460 (Numerical methods), section 0201, University of Maryland, College Park

Lecture: TuTh 9:30am-10:45am, using Zoom

Email: rshu@cscamm.umd.edu

Office: 4150 CSIC building

Office hours: 12:00pm-1:00pm Tuesday, and by appointment

Syllabus: spring2020_amsc460_shu_syllabus (updated: April 20)

Textbook 10th edition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q8r1C_GUegqJBpd_3moTHzt3qv5qxc-v/view


Previous exams:

midterm1_soln          midterm2_soln              final

Proof problems like #4,#5 in previous midterm1 will not appear in this semester.

Problem like #8 in the previous final will not appear in this semester.


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Lecture notes:

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20200128_1_2 (codes: teaching_code_20200128.m)

20200130_2_1 (codes: teaching_code_20200130.m)


20200206_2_2_2_3 (codes: teaching_code_20200206.m)

20200211_2_3_2_4 (codes: teaching_code_20200211.m)


20200218_3_1_3_2 (codes: teaching_code_20200218.m)



20200303_6_2 (codes: teaching_code_20200303.m)

20200305_6_5 (codes: teaching_code_20200305.m)


20200312_8_1 (codes: teaching_code_20200312.m)



20200407_4_1 (codes: teaching_code_20200407.m)


20200414_4_3 (codes: teaching_code_20200414.m)


20200421_4_4 (codes: teaching_code_20200421.m, lgwt.m)


20200428_5_3 (codes: teaching_code_20200428.m)



20200507_5_9 (codes: teaching_code_20200507.m)

20200512_5_10_5_11 (Some final exam reminder is inside. The content is not part of the final exam).


Homework: (all from textbook)

You don’t need to print your codes with the homework. Just print the outputs.


HW1 (due Thursday, February 13):

sec 1.2: 5(a)(b). (ignore things about relative errors)

sec 2.1: 3, 18. (you could use my codes, but you are suggested to write your own. Intermediate values of p_n should be shown in your report.)

sec 2.2: 5, 12    (for 12, you could use a code with TOL much smaller than 10^{-4}. Ignore the last sentence in the problem.)

sec 2.3: 6(a) (Intermediate values of p_n should be shown in your report)


HW2 (due Thursday, February 20):

sec 2.3: 11(b) (only Newton’s and secant methods)

sec 2.4: 10 (this result means, if you know the multiplicity of the root you want to find, then you can achieve quadratic convergence without computing f”(x) (like in the modified Newton’s method))

sec 3.1: 1(a)(c) (for the polynomial with deg<=1, use any two base points out of x0,x1,x2)


HW3 (due Thursday, February 27):

sec 3.1: 3(a)(c) (only for degree-2 case)

sec 3.2: 1(a) (you are suggested to write a code because this is a nice practice of coding)

sec 3.3: 1(a)


HW4 (due Thursday, March 12):

sec 6.2: 1(a)(d), 3(a)(d) (you are suggested to write your own code, as practice)

sec 6.6: 2 (only the ‘strictly diagonally dominant’ part)

sec 6.5: 2(a), 6(a)(d)


HW5 (due Thursday, April 2): (you are supposed to submit via ELMS)

sec 6.6: 3(a)(b), 17

sec 8.1: 3


HW6 (due Thursday, April 9): (you are supposed to submit via ELMS)

sec 8.2: 1(a)(c), 11          (weight function w(x) is constant 1 if not stated in the problem)


HW7 (due Thursday, April 16): (you are supposed to submit via ELMS)

sec 4.1: 1, 5(a)(c), 28

sec 4.2: 8


HW8 (due Thursday, April 23): (you are supposed to submit via ELMS)

sec 4.3: 1(c), 3(c), 5(c), 7(c), 23

sec 4.7: 1(a)


HW9 (due Thursday, April 30): (you are supposed to submit via ELMS)

sec 4.4: 1(c), 3(c)

sec 5.2: 1(a), 3(a), 6(a)      (I will give a concrete example of Euler’s method on April 28’s lecture)

———————-HW9 is the last homework———————-

Suggested problems: (not required to submit)

sec 5.3: 6(d)

sec 5.4: 1(a), 5(a), 13(a)

sec 5.6: 4(a) (only 4-th order A-B method), 17

sec 5.9: 1(a), 3(a) (both using midpoint and modified Euler methods)


Homework still uses 10th edition textbook (available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q8r1C_GUegqJBpd_3moTHzt3qv5qxc-v/view)




Previous teaching:

At University of Maryland, College Park, as instructor:

Fall 2019~2020   AMSC 460 (numerical methods), 2 sections

Spring 2018~2019   Math 136 (calculus for life sciences)

Fall 2018~2019   Math 141 (calculus 2)

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, as teaching assistant:

Fall 2017~2018   Math 234 (calculus 3)

Fall 2016~2017   Math 222 (calculus 2)

Fall 2015~2016   Math 234 (calculus 3)

Spring 2014~2015   Math 221 (calculus 1)

Fall 2014~2015   Math 221 (calculus 1)